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Roman Semenovych

11 years of practice

Award-winning doctor

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    Phone numbers
    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Dorogozhichi metro station, 24A Shchuseva str.
    Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2, Dragomirova str.
    Working seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

    * 2007 – O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University.
    Training courses
    * 2017

    * “SNS. Myths and reality”, Kyiv;


    * “Providing first emergency medical aid”, H. Roschyn;
    * Webinars: “Selective grinding of teeth” (AI Budovskyi), “Methods for determining bite height” (S. Blum), “Successful primary consultation” (A. Bichun);


    * “Orthopedic measures before and at the stage of surgical intervention”;
    * “Zirconium dioxide and CAD/CAM technologies in the dentist’s laboratory and office”, Kyiv;
    * “Aesthetic and functional indirect restorations of frontal and chewing teeth – ceramic veneers, inlays, overlays. Selection criteria”, Kyiv;


    * “Endodontics according to rules 3. The art of instrumentation”, Bely Grad;
    * “Accuracy and aesthetics are the way to success. Prosthetics with full crowns”, M. Mykhailiuk;
    * “Free design in the restoration of front teeth”, S. Radlinskyi;


    * “Applied endodontics. Practical approaches to solving daily tasks”;
    * 2016 – Training course on the topic: “Modern endodontic treatment”, Kyiv.
    * 2017 – Practical course “Steaming” by Oleksiy Krasnozhon, Kyiv.
    * 2017 – Course “Architecture Everyday Reception” by Oleksiy Krasnozhon, Kyiv.

    Permanent prosthetics:

    • Prosthetics on implants (Straumann, Megagen, Nobel, MIS, NeoBiotech);
    • Metal-free ceramics: production of ultra-thin veneers, crowns, overlays;
    • Obtaining digital impressions using the 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner;
    • T-scan computer diagnosis of occlusion and bite;
    • Use of the facial arch and individual registration of the movements of the lower jaw;
    • Complete rehabilitation of a patient with pathological wear of teeth.

    Removable prosthesis:

    • Removable and conditionally removable prosthetics on implants with various types of prosthesis fixation;
    • Prosthetics in the complete absence of teeth;
    • Production of braced prostheses of any degree of complexity;
    • Immediate prostheses;
    • Mouthguards for bruxism and muscle-joint dysfunctions.

    Every day

    Kyiv, Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2 Dragomirova str.

    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)


    Every day

    Kyiv, Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2 Dragomirova str.

    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)


    Family Dentistry Chain in Kyiv on Dorogozhychi and Druzhba Narodiv.

    Minskaya metro station , Obolonsky 26 str.
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