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Denture placement
Dental prosthetics in Kyiv.

Both removable and fixed dentures, metal-ceramic and metal-free ceramic dentures are available for our patients. Your false teeth will be difficult to distinguish from the real ones thanks to the latest material that we use. Metal-ceramic crown is a great combination of aesthetics and strength, while its price is much more affordable.

Veneers and Crowns
Dental Prosthetics

Modern prosthetic dentures are one of the most common dental procedures. While in the past it was quite difficult and painful to replace a lost tooth with a prosthesis, today this procedure sometimes takes only a couple of hours. Our clinic offers dentures in Kiev at optimal prices.

Price of teeth prosthetics

Many potential patients still believe that prosthetics of teeth is an incredibly expensive treat. In fact the cost of the procedure and materials makes even the most complex and labor-intensive types of prosthetics accessible to a wide target audience. In other words, if you need dentures – contact us as soon as possible.

Modern dentures are made with the use of safe flexible materials that do not hurt the gums or adjacent teeth in any case.

You will need to have a complete check-up before prosthetics, then we take impressions of your teeth. After that, the prosthetic constructions and crowns are made. The dentures may be adjusted during the fitting, and then they are fixed.

Dental prosthetics in Kiev

Dentistry recommends dentures when a patient has the following problems:

  • The tooth is destroyed due to tooth enamel deterioration;
  • Part of a tooth is chipped off or missing completely;
  • High tooth abrasion ;
  • Multiple defects of the teeth.

Microdentures are also available, but these are more of an aesthetic type of treatment to improve your smile.

Modern prosthetic treatment implies the use of different types of prostheses, according to the type of fixation we will distinguish the following types:

    • fixed or non-removable – all types of crowns, veneers and inlays;
    • removable – plate type dentures (both partial and full dentures), nylon prostheses;
  • implants.

Removable dentures can be combined with implants, as they are sometimes pre-fitted as supports for the removable structure. These dentures are much smaller and much easier for the patient to get used to.

Implants can be used for rapid restoration of the teeth. These dentures are difficult to distinguish from real teeth, they prevent atrophy of the jawbone. At our clinic we guarantee our patients not only high quality but also painless prosthetics for all numbers of teeth.

Our doctors prefer a comprehensive approach, so when you come to us you will get:

  • corrected dentition;
  • corrected bite;
  • restoration of masticatory functions;
  • Excellent appearance of your cavity and, as a result, a beautiful smile.

Doctor offers the solution that suits each patient. You may disagree with our specialist or at least ask for an explanation. All of our doctors will be happy to explain the situation and their decision to the patient.

In order to achieve the best possible results at the optimal cost, it is possible to combine different types of prostheses. For example, the more expensive metal-free ceramics can be used on your front teeth for an amazing smile. The rest of your dentures can be made with regular metal-ceramic or more traditional materials.

The cost of laser dental implants in Kiev

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