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Laser dental implantation in Kiev

To carry out the surgical stages of the implantology procedure, Este-line uses the KAVO KEY 3 laser device. To date, only seven dental clinics in Ukraine use this unique laser. The laser implantation procedure lasts only 15-20 minutes.

From 3,500 UAH
Laser implant placement in Kyiv

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Dental implant placement

What you need to know about laser use in dental implantology:

Dental implants are the smartest choice when you need to replace teeth that can’t be treated. The choice of laser dental implantation is a modern solution that has many clinical advantages, including more precise control for the dentist and better comfort for the patient. Our Este-line dentistry specialists know all about implant placement, and they will share the advantages of laser implantation with you.

Laser implantation: what it is, what it is used for, and how it is carried out

Dental implant surgery is a surgical procedure to form a new artificial tooth, used when one or more teeth are missing. An implant system includes:

  • An implant – a titanium post that looks like a screw or a special rod;
  • Abutment – a bridge or attachment between the implant and the crown;
  • a dental crown that replaces the tooth.

The developments and research that have laid the foundation in this field have made dental implants so popular. Thanks to the hard work of experts, innovative implant concepts are being developed into the most advanced and widely used systems. Currently, there are:

  • A dental implant for a single tooth,
  • Implant-supported bridges,
  • Dental implant prosthetics for the total absence of teeth.

Dental lasers are special medical devices that use precisely focused light to treat dental tissues. The power of the device is concentrated in a thin, small beam that creates high-intensity light. The incredible accuracy of the laser for dental implant surgery makes it using so popular.

Lasers can focus on tiny areas, making them ideal for use during dental surgery. The laser is also used to model gum tissue to make the implant look more natural. Due to the antimicrobial effect of the laser, there is less chance of infection of an open wound during surgery. It also stimulates cell healing, so swelling and pain during the procedure are minimized.

Laser implantation is the safest and most gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Dentists can use lasers to perform more complex tasks, reduce postoperative discomfort and tooth sensitivity, eliminate wound infection and achieve better wound healing so that patients return to a healthy smile more quickly.

Most Este-line dental patients postoperatively feel minor discomfort or no acute pain after surgery at all.

Laser dentistry advantages compared to other methods:

  • reduced need for sutures;
  • minimization of bleeding in the treated soft tissues, since the laser promotes blood clotting;
  • anesthesia is not necessary for some procedures;
  • low possibility of bacterial infections because the laser sterilizes the area;
  • increased wound healing and rapid recovery.

The advantages of implants over prosthetics are also important to mention. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted directly into the jawbone. This implant has to heal after it is inserted. Usually, the healing period after surgery is a few weeks.

Unlike prostheses, implants are comfortable and permanent: they do not shift, do not slip, do not cause discomfort while talking and eating, and even when you need regular cleanings at the dentist. And they function, move, and grind like normal teeth.

Stages of laser implant placement at Este-line Clinic

  1. Dental implantation by Este-line dentists is less invasive and painless because we perform the procedure with the help of the latest German laser KAVO KEY 3 in just a few steps:
  2. A consultation with an implantologist is mandatory. The implantologist will take panoramic 3D pictures of your teeth before prescribing the procedure.
  3. Making an individualized treatment plan. A plan adapted to your situation takes into account factors such as the number of healthy teeth you have, as well as those you need to replace, and the overall condition of your jawbone.
  4. Choice of anesthesia. Anesthesia options during surgery include local anesthesia or general anesthesia to control pain. After choosing the suitable anesthetic, the dentist performs a gingival incision to form a canal, into which a titanium post will later be placed. The gum edges are stitched together after the post is placed. The stitches are removed within 7-10 days.
  5. Then there is a period of healing, which is monitored by an implantologist. In 3-4 months, the cover is removed from the gum for implantation of a shaper and then a temporary abutment.
    The temporary abutment is replaced with a permanent one, and then the dentist selects and fits the patient with a dental crown.

The whole implant procedure, along with a period of healing and adaptation, takes between six and nine months. Depending on your situation, the specific procedure or the used materials, certain steps can sometimes be combined. The life of implants is unlimited with the proper care of your mouth and with the right choice and placement of implants.

How to prepare for laser dental implants and what to do afterward

Considering that dental implants require several surgical procedures, we recommend having a comprehensive dental exam to prepare for this long-term process. The exam helps the dentist determine if dental implants are appropriate for the patient. It also provides valuable information, which the dentist uses afterward to make a treatment plan.

The specialist evaluates the patient’s condition by taking X-rays, performing a visual examination, and reviewing the patient’s medical records. Based on the assessment results, the dentist formulates a treatment plan that is appropriate for the patient’s needs. Also, the dentist introduces the treatment plan and advises the patient on how to prepare for each procedure.

We recommend limiting your activity on the day of surgery, as physical exertion can cause throbbing and provoke bleeding. Remember that it is normal to bleed a little after a dental implant is placed. Your dentist may ask you to apply pressure to the area by biting down firmly with a piece of gauze. You should hold it for about an hour. The pad should then be carefully removed. If necessary, repeat the process at home with another gauze swab.

Do not rinse your mouth after the implantation and try not to touch the surgical site with your tongue or fingers for several days. This may cause bleeding due to the displacement of the formed blood clot and slow down the healing process. You should avoid eating too solid food during the adaptation period, and you should also avoid smoking.

Any pain or discomfort after surgery should gradually decrease. Contact your implantologist immediately if you feel increasing pain and swelling after a few days. Only a qualified specialist will be able to detect the problem and prescribe appropriate care, painkillers or antibiotics.

Once implants are fully healed, take care of them the same way you do with your natural teeth. Brush them twice a day, floss, and see your dental hygienist regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Este-line Clinic is the right choice for you

  • Este-line Clinic specialists guarantee patient support at every stage of treatment:
  • We provide our clients with a free doctor’s consultation before the implant procedure, as well as individual development of a treatment plan;
  • You are 100% safe with us: we use the best equipment, materials, and the most painless treatments in the dental practice;we offer services of experienced professionals: Este-line employs implantologists with more than 10 years of experience;
  • we guarantee the selection and placement of high-quality dental implants at an affordable price;
    There are no hidden fees: only a clear pricing policy;
  • we provide a 1 year warranty and official manufacturer’s passport for the implant.
  • Este-line is proud to offer advanced treatments that are state-of-the-art and bring significant benefits to patients.
    Entrust all dental problems to professionals. Este-line Clinic dentists provide patients with laser implants on a turnkey basis at a pleasant price. In addition, we have a special offer on modern MegaGen implants at our dentistry until December 31, 2021. Enter the New Year with a healthy smile!

Cost laser implantation

Consultation with an Implantologist 0 UAH Book online
3D computed tomography (for clinic patients) 0 UAH Book online
🇧🇷 Laser implant placement NeoDent від Straumann (с установкой 8500 3 500 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Laser implant placement MegaGen ST 7300 4 277 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Laser implant placement MegaGen AnyOne 8900 6 350 грн Book online
🇮🇹 Laser implant placement B&B Detal 9500 5 999 UAH Book online
🇩🇪 Laser implant placement Ankylos 16000 8888 UAH Book online
🇨🇭 Laser implant placement Straumann 16200 12 477 UAH Book online

* Promotion on MegaGen ST implants until 04/30/2023. The second MegaGen ST implant for only 7300 3 888 UAH.

⬇️ More implants
Tooth extraction (price from) from 600 to 1500 UAH Book online
Wisdom tooth extraction (price from) from 1200 to 2500 UAH Book online
Sinus elevator from 6500 UAH Book online
Checking the stability of the implant 300 UAH Book online
Preparation of the office for implantation (sterile gowns, sterile sets) 1650 UAH Book online
Chirurgical Package for Implant Placement 800 550 UAH Book online
🇺🇸 Laser implant placement BioHorizons (USA) 10500 5 277 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Laser implant placement MegaGen AnyRidge (Korea) 16000 11 000 UAH Book online
🇺🇸 Laser implant placement Bicon (USA) 15 999 UAH Book online
🇨🇭 Laser implant placement Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) 21000 16 000 UAH Book online
🇨🇭 All-on-4 Laser implant placement Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) 140000 135 000 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Turnkey implantation: MegaGen AnyOne (Korea) 90000 86 000 UAH Book online
Fitted implant
🇮🇹 Fitted implant: B&B Dental (Italy) 19 000 14 277 UAH Book online
🇧🇷 Fitted implant: NeoDent from Straumann (Brazil) 19700 13 377 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Fitted implant: MegaGen ST (Korea) 19600 15 177 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Fitted implant: MegaGen AnyOne (Korea) 22600 17 733 UAH Book online
🇰🇷 Fitted implant: MegaGen AnyRidge (Korea) 26000 21 000 UAH Book online
🇺🇸 Fitted implant: BioHorizons (USA) 26800 21 477 UAH Book online
🇩🇪 Fitted implant: Ankylos (Germany) 35000 30 000 UAH Book online
🇺🇸 Fitted implant: Bicon (USA) 30000 25 077 UAH Book online
🇨🇭 Fitted implant: Straumann (Switzerland) 38400 25 000 UAH Book online
🇨🇭 Fitted implant: Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) 47250 35 067 UAH Book online
Metal-ceramic crown (promotional price only when buying a turnkey implant: Ankylos, MegaGen AnyOne, B&B) 5500 2450 UAH Book online

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