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Dental diagnostics
Consultation with a dentist in Kyiv.

Consultation with a dentist in Kyiv is the first and very important step of medical care in a dentist clinic. Consultation is conducted by a dentist-therapist. We involve narrow specialists (orthodontist, surgeon, endodontist, restorative dentist, etc.), as well as the general dentist, if necessary.

Free Dental Diagnostics and

Who needs a consultation with a dentist?

A consultation at Este-line provides the patient with:

  • Detailed description of the oral condition (presence of caries, tartar, plaque, enamel defects, periodontal disease, hidden problems at an early stage, etc.);
  • assessment the results of previously conducted treatment (fillings, implants, prostheses);
  • information on the required treatment as a first priority;
  • Recommendations on home oral hygiene.

Este-line dental consultation is free of charge.

  • Initial examination (evaluation of mucous membranes and teeth with a mirror, intraoral camera and probe).
  • Panoramic or aimed X-ray,
  • Treatment Plan.

If the patient is in acute pain, he or she will be given anesthesia during the consultation (see Prices – Emergency treatment)

Este-line is the best place to get a consultation with a dentist

  • Our clinic employs professional highly specialized dentists.
  • The clinic is equipped with the world’ best diagnostic and treatment equipment.
  • We provide all types of dental treatment.
  • The consultation is free of charge by appointment.

Types of diagnostic methods used at Este-line

  • Computer tomography. 3D dental pictures or computer tomography is a 360° scan that allows you to get a high-precision panoramic image of the maxillofacial area quickly. This type of diagnosis is used for surgical interventions, endodontic therapy and laser implantation.
  • Orthopantomography. This is a panoramic X-ray that shows a complete image of the two jaws without distortion. It shows the condition of all teeth and the quality of fillings, the shape and length of root canals, the quality of their filling, the location of wisdom teeth, the presence of overcompleted and uncut teeth, all anatomical formations of the upper and lower jaw.
  • Laser fluorescence diagnostics. The fluorescence analysis with the DIAGNOdent pen wireless device allows the detection of dental caries in its early stages. The principle of the device is based on the fact that healthy and diseased tooth tissues fluoresce differently when illuminated by laser radiation.
  • Intraoral Camera Overview. The intraoral camera greatly simplifies the visual examination and allows the patient to see the condition of their teeth on the screen before, during and after treatment.

Cost of laser dental implantation in Kiev

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