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Teeth extraction in Kyiv

The task of the dentist is to do everything possible to save the patient’s tooth. Tooth extraction is a therapeutic measure, that modern dentists try to apply only in extreme cases. If your tooth cannot be saved, we will remove it painlessly with modern equipment. After this we can offer you a dental implant for every budget. There are always available low-cost and premium models from world manufacturers.

Family Dental Care
Tooth extraction for adults and children

The Indications for Tooth Extraction

  • The tooth is severely damaged and cannot be repaired properly;
  • Root canals cannot be properly treated;
  • The tooth is a source of infectious inflammation, which cannot be treated by endodontic treatment;
  • Root fractures and other mechanical damage that cannot be repaired;
  • Extremely mobile teeth;
  • Overcompleted and incompletely erupted teeth;
  • Misalignment of the wisdom tooth and other teeth that interferes with food intake and speech functions.

Tooth extraction is a measure of the last resort in dentistry, but modern dental technology offers a remarkable solution in this case: dental implants, which we also offer at our clinic.

We focus on wisdom tooth extraction as a separate topic. The removal of a wisdom tooth is a great challenge that can only be solved by an experienced, highly qualified oral surgeon.

Do my wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Wisdom teeth are the third premolars (eight) that are rudimentary in the jaw of the modern man. They erupt after the age of 18 (it can also happen at the age of 30 or 40). At this time, the jaw is already formed, so there is often no place for the eight teeth to normally erupt.

As a result, the roots of such a tooth have an irregular position, and the crown may be against the cheek or neighboring teeth.

The process of wisdom tooth eruption is also very painful, and is accompanied by red gums, pain on biting, and a constant nagging pain at the end of the tooth row.

When a wisdom tooth needs to be extracted

However, it is not always necessary to remove a wisdom tooth. Dentists always try to save the wisdom tooth in cases where it is correctly shaped, manageable, has an antagonistic tooth and is able to chew.

However, it should be extracted when the wisdom tooth is growing and is pressing against a neighbouring tooth or the cheek, causing severe pain and is a permanent cause of pericoronitis.

Extracting a wisdom tooth at Este-line

  • Consultation with a specialist and diagnosis. X-rays and a computer tomogram are made if the patient complains of painful sensations caused by an erupting wisdom tooth. This allows the doctor to determine exactly where the roots are located.
  • A local or general anesthesia (at the choice of the patient). At our clinic, wisdom tooth extraction of any complexity is painless. We use anesthesia electronically, which allows for comfortable and rapid anesthesia. Our experienced anesthesiologist can also put the patient into a drug-induced sleep using general anesthesia.
  • Tooth extraction. Este-line dentistry has a surgical device piezotome, which allows to take the roots of a tooth out of a socket with minimal gum tissue dissection.
  • Checkup examination in a few days after surgery.

Wisdom tooth removal: cost and benefits

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction depends on the complexity of the operation. A consultation and a CT scan are free of charge at Este-line.

Benefits of having a tooth extraction at Este-line

  • Modern X-ray and 3D-diagnostics
  • High professionalism of dental surgeons
  • Modern high-tech equipment
  • Specially equipped office
  • Possibility of performing the procedure under general anesthesia.
  • Subsequent placement of an implant in the place of a extracted tooth

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