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Therapeutic Dental Treatment in Kyiv

The aim of dental treatment in dentistry is to prevent tooth decay and loss. Our teeth are constantly exposed to the negative effects of pathogenic bacteria throughout our lives. Poor hygiene, fluctuating hormones, extreme temperature changes, and the composition of our food and water affect our teeth. As a result, there are diseases such as cavities, pulpitis, periodontitis, gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

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Our dental center uses only modern equipment which allows us to provide high quality services. This makes treatment absolutely painless, fast and at the same time safe. Now you can forget your fear of dentist as everything has changed greatly. Our therapist dentist does not only perform quality treatment, but also consults you on how to take good care of your teeth. As a result, you can greatly reduce the number of visits to the dentist.

Treatment of dental canals (endodontics). This type of medical intervention is performed during pulpitis treatment and preparation for prosthetics. Root canal cleaning and filling requires a high level of skills and modern technology. In Este-line we use X-ray equipment, dental microscope, a set of tools for mechanical treatment of root canals, high quality washing materials and filling with hot gutta-percha.

Pulpitis treatment. The pulpitis is an acute inflammation of the dental nerve. Usually, the disease is a consequence of advanced dental caries, but it can also be the result of trauma. If you feel an acute throbbing toothache, you should visit the doctor immediately to save the tooth. The procedure removes the diseased pulp tissue, treats the root canals and restores the tooth with a filling.

Treatment of periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the bone tissue that surrounds the tip of the tooth. The disease is a consequence of advanced dental caries and pulpitis, when the infection penetrates through the tooth canal into the bone tissue and begins to destroy it. This serious disease can have serious complications such as sepsis or phlegmon. The procedure is performed in several stages, the essence of which is the cleaning and treatment of dental canals, followed by a filling. In difficult cases, the tooth must be extracted.

Periodontal treatment and vector therapy. Periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) are caused by pathogenic bacteria affecting the mucous membranes of the gums. A common cause of gingivitis (red, bleeding gums) is poor oral hygiene. Hormonal imbalances during adolescence and pregnancy can also cause gingivitis. Left untreated, gingivitis develops periodontitis (in multiple cases, periodontal disease). Parodontal pockets appear, and the teeth become loose. However, successful treatment of this disease is possible at any stage.
Highly qualified Este-line specialists use the Vector ultrasound device in the treatment of periodontal disease, it effectively removes tartar, hard and soft plaque, eliminates bacteria in periodontal pockets without damaging the soft tissues.

Highly qualified specialists of Este-line use in the treatment of periodontitis ultrasound device Vector, which effectively removes tartar, hard and soft plaque, removes bacteria in periodontal pockets without damaging soft tissues.

Teeth fluoridation. Fluoridation strengthens tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay and reduces tooth sensitivity. The procedure is recommended for pregnant women, for cavities in the white stain stage, after hygienic cleaning and whitening procedures.

Prices for therapeutic dental treatment

The prevention of diseases is very important, so it is recommended to visit the dentist at least once a year. Many dental diseases run hidden, without any symptoms or discomfort, but later they lead to significant problems. During the diagnosis, our specialist will be able to detect all the problems and then quickly and painlessly eliminate them. Currently, therapeutic dental treatment is conducted with the use of the latest technology, which guarantees the durability of the results. This is confirmed by the warranty that we provide for all types of services.



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