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Bracket systems installation
Bite correction in Kyiv

Issues related to bite is part of dentistry called orthodontics. Orthodontists at our clinic will offer you or your children a treatment plan that allows you to change your bite, but at the same time providing a minimum of discomfort.

Bite correction in Kyiv
Installation of bracket-systems

Everyone needs not only healthy and white teeth, but also straight teeth to feel good. A correct bite ensures the proper functioning of all teeth and periodontal health. Removable and fixed orthodontic appliances are used to correct the bite.

Bite correction in Kyiv

Correction of bite can be provided for both children and adults.

Modern orthodontics not only aligns your teeth, but also helps to avoid the following problems:

  • The development of tooth decay due to problems with brushing your teeth;
  • Unequal load on the teeth;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases due to insufficient chewing of food;
  • Difficulties with prosthetic dentures.;

There are the same methods in orthodontics for both children and adults: mouth guards and dental bracket-systems. But there are some differences:

  • It takes more time to correct a bite in adults;
  • Before changing the bite, all fillings must be checked and all infections and inflammations must be cured.;
  • A surgeon may have to be involved.

Adult Bite Correction

Modern orthodontics offers to change the bite of an adult using a bracket system. It consists of braces that are attached to the tooth enamel with a special adhesive solution, connected by an arch attached to the molars. This service is so frequently used at our clinic that our specialists quickly find each patient a system with which he or she feels no discomfort.

It is also possible to correct a bite without using brackets. For this purpose, orthodontics use silicone mouth guards. The jaw bones and muscles are corrected with orthodontic plates.

If the situation is complicated, there is no way to do without surgery.The price of this procedure in Kyiv is quite reasonable. The cost depends on the amount of work to be done, as each patient will have his own personal plan of operation.

To achieve the best results after surgery, the bite should be corrected with braces. If you decide to correct of your bite as an adult, the price is not the most important factor for you in Kyiv. You need to have patience, be prepared that the process takes a long time, but the result is worth it.

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