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Olha Vjacheslavivna

16 years of practice

Award-winning doctor

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    Phone numbers
    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
    Dorogozhichi metro station, 24A Shchuseva str.
    Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2, Dragomirova str.
    Working seven days a week from 8am to 8pm.

    Reception of patients: adult


    • Graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in Poltava in 2005.
    • Internship 2005-2007. Poltava
    • Postgraduate training in Kyiv Medical Dental Academy of Postgraduate Education. 2011.
    • 2014 г. Qualification dentist-therapist of the 2nd category
    • Postgraduate studies in 2019 as a dentist-therapist of the 1st category.
    • Works in dental clinics Este-line ( Shchuseva St.) / Este-line Elite ( Drahomirova St.)

    Professional skills:

    • Computer diagnostics of dental and periodontal tissues diseases (CT, OPTG reading)
    • Prophylaxis of hard and soft dental tissues diseases (professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound, Air Flow, vector therapy, fluoridation)
    • Treatment of carious and non-carious dental diseases (hypo and hyperplasia, fluorosis, erosion, wedge-shaped defects, trauma, hyperesthesia, enamel discolorations) with methods:
    • Artistic restoration of fully or partially destroyed dental tissues with modern restorative materials (Asteria, G-eanial, Ceram X One, Direct, Filtek)
    • Adhesive bridges
    • Splinting of loose teeth
    • Professional teeth whitening with the Zoo lamp
    • Treatment of patients under general anesthesia

    Modern endodontic treatment of root canals (pulpitis, periodontitis, granulomas, cysts) by using:

    • microscope
    • Machine files with such systems as ProTaper Next, ProTaper, Path file, SOCO
    • work with Endomator X-Smart, Morita
    • Treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis
    • Root canal treatment of different complexity
    • Removal of broken instruments
    • apexification, perforation closure with MTA material
    • Filling the root canals with modern materials
    • Vertical three-dimensional root canal obturation with thermoplastic hot gutta-percha

    Courses, conferences, seminars, lectures:

    • 2005 Certificate 3M ESPE “The use of Filtek Supreme XT in clinical dentistry”.
    • 2005 Certificate DentArt “Dental Restorations with Ceram X, EsthetX
    • 2007 Certificate “The use of photopolymer technology for dental restoration
    • 2007 Certificate “Fundamentals of Modern Endodontics
    • 2010 Fenestra Dental Education center “Working with modern restorative materials and equipment
    • 2011 Endodontic Dr.Wilgelm Pertof certificate “Working with modern endodontic ProTaper files
    • 2011 Certificate ACS “Preventive dentistry – a priority of development and innovation
    • 2011 Certificate “Modern trends in restorative dentistry” Dr. Tamara Volynskaya, Dr. Paulo Monteiro
    • 2011 DentLine Certificate “Simple solutions for complex root canals
    • 2012 Certificate “Modern techniques of treatment and prophylaxis in practical dentistry
    • 2012 Certificate Fenestra “Artistic modeling of teeth
    • 2013 Certificate “Componeer-System of direct composite veneers
    • 2013 Certificate “Anterior restorations with wear and tear
    • 2015 Certificate “Microendodontic.Success definition of endodontic retreatment”
    • 2015 Apollonia Certificate “Artistic restoration of teeth. S. Radlinsky method”
    • 2016 Certificate MicroVisionGroup “Endodontics by the rules 4: modern approaches”
    • 2016 Certificate O. Krasnozhon “Prosthodontics for the lazy”
    • 2016 Certificate “Modern approach to apical surgery”
    • 2016 INSPE Certificate “Flap Periodontal Surgery” by M. Solonko
    • 2017 Endoperioconference-International Dental Conference Certificate
    • 2018 Certificate “Subtleties of Secondary Endodontics”, “Peculiarities of Root Canal Re-treatment” Igor Noenko
    • 2018 Certificate of participation “Renewed Endo Concept”
    • 2018 “Art of Diagnostic Photography and Patient Motivation for Treatment” Dental Spase Avanto Kurilekh L.A.
    • 2018 “Basic Resuscitation” Dobrobut Training Center
    • 2018 “Plasmolifting. Methods of autologous blood use in daily practice.Anti-age “Dental SPACE”
    • 2019 Symposium of Ukrainian Endodontic Association
    • 2019 Certificate Dental Study “Challenging Bacterial Biofilms” Domenico Ricucci

    Every day

    Kyiv, Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2 Dragomirova str.

    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)


    Every day

    Kyiv, Druzhby Narodiv metro station, 2 Dragomirova str.

    +38 (044) 240 40 40
    +38 (073) 240 40 42
    +38 (095) 240 40 40
    (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)


    Family Dentistry Chain in Kyiv on Dorogozhychi and Druzhba Narodiv.

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